Email Marketing

Businessmen willing to deal with products and services online successfully needs to undertake different strategies. Since banners and posters are not used for advertising various products as well as services in online marketing strategies, you need to use other services. Email marketing is one of the popular ways of advertising online and making a web presence of your products as well as services. In this particular form of advertisement emails are sent to customers or public by the company or businessmen informing them about the offers associated with the product and services. In return, customers who are interested will respond to the email and respond to the email. Yugh creative media provides each of its clients with the facility of email marketing services.

Purpose of email marketing

Apart from advertisement, email marketing also has other purpose. The purposes include soliciting sales for donation, creating of emails as a business request, emails for loyalty etc. Emails are also sent to the customers in order to get an enhancement of the relationship between the customer as well as merchant. Today, ecommerce websites are also sending emails to their potential customers who have already purchased goods from their store. If you are regularly purchasing goods from a particular store, loyalty programs are also in your bucket. Sometimes the emails are also added with the advertisements to present the customers with a compact view.

Categories of email marketing

Email marketing can be categorized into variety of forms. The types are as follows:

  • Direct emails- This is a type of email that is sent to individual with the sole purpose of promotion of a particular service and product. These emails are generally sent for the announcement of a special offer. The businessmen or the companies sending such direct emails collect a base with list of customers. The base also contains the email address through which the messages are sent. It is also possible to rent a list of such emails from the service companies.

  • Transactional emails-These are emails constructed based on the action of customers with the businessmen or company. These emails are meant to go ahead with commercial transactions. These are the emails sent after agreeing upon some terms as well as transactions. These emails may also include information about order status, tracking process as well as re orders. Yugh creative media has the facility of creating websites in such a way that the businessmen having constructed an ecommerce website can easily send report about the order status, tracking status and much more through these emails.

If the customer has any queries about the product and services, same can be communicated to the concerned people with the help of the email marketing strategy. We at Yugh creative media provides transactional email support to each of our clients depending on the utility and other related requirements. Your target will get the emails according to your wish with the help of email marketing service. Through this service people can get enough access to everything starting from buying and selling as well as other transactions.