SEM or search engine marketing has the benefit of acquiring traffic with a decent visibility of search engine. This also includes paid activities such as pay per click program. Here the affiliates clicks on the advertisements and get paid for the same. In the other hand the website owner also gets a commission through the affiliate’s click. SEM also allows buying traffic with the help of the paid search listing. Yugh creative media has a SEM services which is proposed to each clients with an aim of profitability through the website.

SEM Tools

SEM service will not be effective without its tools.some of its tool includes:

  • Links-The link search tool helps in categorizing the index that is having a proper connection with 700 billion web pages. SEM also helps in analyzing their own links as well as the links of the competitors.

  • Web analytics->This is another wonderful tool associated with SEM which will be ideal to boost the sales of a website. Web analytics is not just a tool that measures website traffic, rather it has a great contribution to individual business as well as marketing research

  • Keyword research-SEM also have the keyword research tool that indicates and suggest appropriate keyword for a particular website and its products.

Pay per click program

This is an effective search engine affiliate partner program that has a real value for all web audience. A strong and steady revenue steam can be prepared by pay per click program along with the valuable contribution from Yugh creative media.

Benefit of Adwords

This is an effective advertisement campaign where the ads are placed either at the top or the bottom of the contents. The search query will also be directly towards your website that helps in getting the maximum revenue.

Campaigns on google

Getting add campaign on Google as well as enhancement of app is another important feature brought by SEM. You can now get the proper rearrangement of installed app through the personalized service of our experience staff members at yugh creative media. You can also get enhanced app metrics through the SEM features. Through the effective campaign on google about your products and services, it will be easy for you to reach people belonging to different corners of the nation and maximize profit.

Running campaign on Yahoo and Facebook

Yahoo is one of the biggest name in the web world. Along with Google, It has also subscribers from various parts of the world. Running an effective campaign on Yahoo is our duty towards our client. The well known social media site connects people socially. Face book being quite popular must contain your campaign. This will help your business to expand.

High potential Keywords

Keyword is one of the important factors on which the performance of your website depends. Yugh creative media has SEM program to find out the high potential keywords and use it in your website for wider traffic gather.

Maintenance of daily budget

We at Yugh creative media has a separate department that deals with the daily budget of each client associated with us. You can easily trust us in getting appropriate budget as per your request.