Individuals entering a query in the search engine can easily get a list of websites of web pages that provides the answer to the query. It is quite common among the users to visit the pages that lie at the top of the list. Search engine provides appropriate ranking to the websites that provides the most relevant answer to the search. Some people might have thought about the reason why some websites has greater rank as compared to others. The main reason behind it is due to the search engine optimization (SEO). You can now get this web marketing technique at Yugh creative media.

Benefit of hiring Yugh creative media

Since there are millions of websites online, competitions among the websites are constantly increasing. You need to hire a professional service provider who can constantly monitor your website ranking and update your websites in order to maintain its highest position in the web world. Getting the traffic constantly in your website is also possible through SEO services.

On page ranking factors

Considering various on page ranking factors will be important for the website owners who really wish to get their websites at the top. Following are some of the factors:

  • Having a good content in your website will be one of the important criteria for on page ranking factors.
  • Linkable contents are only in use as per the SEO perspective. Even if your content is good but is not linkable to the people, the web page will go down

Off page ranking factors

You must also consider the off page ranking factor in order to make your website stand out among the crowd. Off page SEO would always provide very good ranking factor. The website which is useful would always receive the reference link. Off page SEO provides an indication about the reference links. The benefits of Off page SEO include:

  • An increase in page rank
  • Remarkable increase in ranking factor
  • Greater exposure to the website

White hat tactics

White hat is meant for maintaining a proper integration of the search engine result page to that of the website. The white hat SEO tactics include:

  • Content creation
  • Internal linking
  • Reciprocal linking

Page ranking

Yugh creative media has qualified and SEO experts who can help your website achieve the greatest page rank. We are very concerned about the profit maximization of your clients. Thus, getting the websites of our clients at the top ranking is our duty. You can now get your web pages readily displayed at the top positions of the well known search engines such as bing, Google, yahoo etc.

SEO rules(Google panda, Penguin)

The reason behind low ranking of the websites is the fact that they do not follow the SEO rules. But we at Yugh creative media are always aware of the latest updates of google panda and penguin. We also deal with keyword analysis of the keywords related to the products and services in your website. We are also targeting the top keywords that is linked to several reference links with wider traceability of targeted audience.