Web Development

People are experiencing the changed world based on web technology. If you want to survive in this world with professional and individual up gradation, having a web presence will be important. An individual running any business must have a website as it is stated to be a boon to your entire effort. You can easily represent your business to the entire world with the web development service provided by yugh creative media. Being one of the well known digital marketing companies, we strive to create an exclusive web presence of yours. We have a team of professional who are well versed in creating any type of website. You just need to state your need and we are always present to fetch you the same.

Php in Web development

If you are speaking about the web development, Php would be one of the important factors to consider. It is the name given to the server side scripting language especially used in the web development process. In many places it is also used as a general side programming language. The code of Php can be used in variety of templating engines as well as the web fireworks. We can also provide a free software release under the authentic PHP license. It is one of the most widely ported languages that is effectively deployed in variety of web servers.

Yugh Creative media Provides exclusive service through the below

mentioned tools:


It is one of the well known open source content management system that is really useful for publishing the web content. It is a part of PHP as the language used to write Joomla is none other than Php. It also uses the object oriented programming technique as well as an exclusive software design pattern. It even helps in storing data in MS SQL, MySQL etc. You can also avail the features like news flashes, search, and printable version of page as well as language internationalization.

Word Press

Your website would also require a CMS that is associated with free and open source of blogging. You can get variety of features with it starting from template system, plug in architecture etc. If you are a word press user, you can easily install the same and get superior benefit with the switching over the themes. Extension of the features is possible with the help of the Word Press plugin. For mobiles also it works like a wonder through the android application.


We believe in creating asynchronous web application through Ajax. This is a wonderful application that helps in retrieve data as well as sends data to the server. This will also not interfere with the behavior and display of the present page.


This is another important name associated with the content management framework that is distributed under the general public license. With its framework written in PHP, we at Yugh creative media provide full access to our client. The basic feature of Drupal is quite common to the content management system. It is inclusive of user account registration and maintenance.